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Accuracy 1st - Long Range Made Easy Volume 2 - Military

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Volume 2

Accuracy 1st  Long Range Made Easy Volume 2. Disc 1 Introduces the Applied Ballistics Kestrel wind meter. Todd and Bryan Litz will review the operation of the AB Kestrel which will determine a ballistic firing solution based on real-time environmental conditions. Other topics discussed on this DVD relate to bullet diameters, truing the ballistic algorithm, drag scale factoring and WEZ Weapons Employment Zone.

Accuracy 1st  Long Range Made Easy Volume 2. Disc 2 Lets go to the range!!! In this DVD Todd takes the shooter to the range to help determine wind calls. Todd will take the shooter through different methods he uses to help read the wind. Todd also instructs on the use of the Accuracy 1st DG, Inc. Whiz Wheel to achieve a ballistic firing solution, just like the Applied Ballistics Kestrel. Todd then concludes this series by reviewing different scope reticle types and taking the infamous, One Mile Shot.

Disc 1 " Applied Ballistics Kestrel " Bullet Diameter " Truing Ballistic Algorithms " Drag Scale Factoring (DFS) " WEZ Finish with Hit Probability

Disc 2 " Wind Course " Whiz Wheel with Alice " Reticle Types " The One Mile Shot


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